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We have been in business for the past 5 years, featured in Forbes, Yahoo and trained students at SUSS and SMU.

We have collectively spent $500,000 SGD and more in ad spent and have generated hundreds of thousands if not millions of revenues for clients such as Marko & Friends and more.

We have also done landing pages for prominent companies like Nas Academy (founder Nas Daily)

For Insurance industry, we have done at least 200+ advisors and been doing it since 2017.

We have also closed millions of sales for Property Agents.

Reach Millions On Social Media With These Simple Tweaks

"Lenney Leong, the founder of Get Customers, has had two videos go viral, including a self development video that gained over 2 million views."

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Generated Over Millions of Dollars In Revenue

We have helped many clients of ours from various industries such as insurance, investment group, real estate, medical practice and many more!

Spent At Least $500,000 SGD In Advertising

We have spent collectively $500,000 SGD on Facebook, Google, Instagram and LinkedIn Ads alone!

Over 100+ Client Reviews

We have worked with many clients and on Facebook we have 5/5 Facebook Reviews without a single bad review so far!

Sustainable Results

We don't like to work with people that are one time off partners, we like to have long term collaboration which is win-win and good for all parties. That's why we only work with suitable parties!

Low Cost, Huge ROI

With low cost solutions, we help you to achieve the highest ROI % as much as possible.

Holistic Marketing

We don't only rely on social media marketing as one of the tools to get your message out there. We use holistic marketing that covers referral, cold prospecting and many more methods.